Tuesday, May 26, 2015

summer thoughts and updates.

summer is here and i got a new job!! Its like a guide and so far i really enjoy it, sadly the hours don't let me write much but i have a few novellas going. They are all part of the short and sweet series. One is about a femail voyaer and the other is a lesbian story.I will post here when they are available. please forgive any spelling and typos i am writing on my phone.

Monday, March 30, 2015

New Freebie on Literotica.

Here is part two of the Tex and Tamara story.
For those who didn't read part one it's about a young man who meets a transgendered person.


Happy reading!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Free Erotica Book on Smashwords "Room Service"

Head over to Smashwords and get a FREE copy of my book Room Service. It the second installment of the Nat Smiley series.

Room Service

The cool thing about SW is that you don't need and fancy gadget to read, you can download in several formats including PDF!

Happy Reading

Friday, March 13, 2015

New short story on Smashwords and partners.

I'm pleased to anounce that the fourth installment of my new Series "Short&Sweet, "Heather" is no available on Smashwords and partners. It is also on Kindle.

Smashwords Link

Amazon Link

It's a taboo stepbrother/sister story.

happy reading!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Erotica short story series.

Today I published the first two short stories in my new series. The series is called Short&Sweet. Each story is around 5000 words and will cover genres like, Anal, T-Girls, Pseudo-Incest, Pegging /Strap On and others.
They are only 99c!!

Here are the links for the first two.

The Seduction

Female/Female seduction.

Like Never Before

White woman/Black man.

I will cross publish some of these stories to Smashwords and their partners, I'll let you know through here when that is done.

Happy Reading!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The good thing about having a cold...

..is that it gives you more time to write.

Between tea and other remedies you can get a lot of work done, especially if have a lot of stories in your head.

I continue to write on Literotica and so far I have a total of nine stories published there. Like I have mentioned in other posts I do it to hone my skills because the feed back over there is amazing. Sometimes you get the nasty negative ones but mostly it is constructive criticism and some go as far as suggesting what the next part in a series should be like. I also get fan mail which is always fun to read and answer.

The last novella I published on Amazon was Arctic Heat, which is the latest Nat Smiley story.

I'm having an internal debate what to publish next. The Stap on and TGirl books do really well and so does the Family Affairs series, apart from the third installment who got blocked by the bots. I might go over it and see if I can find the parts that they blocked me for, but I am not in the mood right now. If I decide to give that book another go, I'll let you know.

What will 2015 bring?
I will continue to write both for Amazon and Literotica, and I will cross publish some of the novellas to Smashwoards and through them Ibook, Barnes and Nobel and so on. If you haven't seen my Smashwords page go here. Natasha Tsarina on Smashwords
You might notice that not all my novellas are published there and the simple reason is that since I use Kindle KDP on Amazon I can't.

I will write another Nat Smiley story, and I think I will bring her back to Oklahoma where it all started. I would also like to write some longer independent pseudo incest stories. People seem to like those.
I also thought I would bring the character from Strap On 1 and 2 into her own story and make it longer. I like Alex Malone, and I think she has the ability to carry on a novella on her own. If you haven't read them you can find them here Strap On and here Strap On Two

Take care and happy reading

P.S.. Suggestions are always welcome.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Literotica: a way to become a better author.

If you are an erotica writer or you are thinking about become one, I have a great tip for you. Submit to Literotica. If you already have, you don’t have to read the rest.

Literotica is a website where you can upload your story and people will read and give you votes. There are many different subcategories, and you don’t have to worry about content. What I mean is, if you want to write a really graphic story you can, as long as everyone is 18 or over.

The site is very simple in its layout and it’s not hard to upload your story. Either copy and paste it into a dialog box or upload a Word file. You do not have to convert to mobi for example.
It does take a few days before your story is online. Once it is you have a very simple dashboard to keep track of how many readers you have, votes and comments.

The best part of Literotica is the interaction with the readers. I have been publishing erotica on Amazon and Smashwords for over a year. I have only published on Literotica for two weeks. During this time I have had more thirty comments, which is more than twice as much on the other sites. They were not only “great story”. The reader actually took the time to tell me what he or she liked and didn’t like about the story. Some went as far as giving editorial advice. If you are a writer this kind of feedback is extremely important. It helps you become a better writer.

Having that said. Some readers suggest you should get an editor. I have been told so and I have seen other authors getting the same advice. As we know, editors can be a friend or a professional, either way some kind of cost is involved, whether it be a six pack of beer or a few hundred bucks. The readers don’t pay a cent for the stories, and after reading some of the comments on some stories I think they should be a little more forgiving. An author should always present his or her best work, but sometimes mistakes happen, but that doesn’t mean the story itself is destroyed.

I strongly suggest you try the site for yourself. If you get a negative comment, leave it alone. Learn from it and move on. Do not get into an argument or you might lose readers.

Keep writing!